Automated Control Systems for Technological Processes (ACS TP)

During some past years the interest for the efficient and reliable automated systems has grown a lot. The quick development of the computer technologies, programming and communications give variety of abilities and advantages of the automated systems usage.

The development of the informational technologies, perfecting automation and functional division of human-machine interaction provoked the problems connected with automated systems operation. 

During many years ELAKS has been successfully dealing with automated control systems and visualization systems designing while implementing such system complexes at many industrial technological lines. For the projecting and development of these complexes the best energy saving solutions offered by the leading worldwide brands were applied.   

Automated control system for technological processes (ACS TP) is a human-machine system providing automated data gathering and processing which is needed for the control optimization due to the accepted criteria. 

ACS TP Elements

Level 1. Hardware. Hardware means the complex of the mutually connected and interacting equipment. It includes computers, control devices, sensors (instruments receipting data),converters, storages, data visualization and registration devices, signal transmitters and executives. 

Level 2. Dataware. Dataware as a part of the complex system means the totality of the information about the actual and possible production elements as well as external production conditions.   

Level 3. Software. Software means the totality of the programs needed for ACS functional release as well as the whole hardware complex operation. 

Level 3. Mathematic modeling. Represents the variety of mathematic methods, models and algorithms of the automated control system.

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